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Our Innovation Focused Newsletter for the Bertelsmann Group

The speed of progress within the digital world is rapid. Cloud computing and new development cultures enable unique, innovative and digital business models which shape the Digital Transformation.

Here on our “Digital Innovations” page, we collect all contents of our “Insights Digital Innovations” Newsletter for Bertelsmann. We share insights about the latest cloud movements and improvements, we highlight benefits for your business, and we discuss trends, events and cases focused on innovations within the digital world. Enjoy reading.

Technology Trends and Innovations

Trending Topics

News: First Sovereign Cloud Platform for the Public Sector

SAP and Arvato Systems announce their partnership to kick start the first sovereign cloud platform for the public sector in Germany.

Trend Topic: Process Automation in the Energy Sector

Contact information is the basis of business communication. The exchange of this information has been subject to a few specifications until now.

Event: Donuts for Developers Session

Join the web session with Microsoft and HashiCorp on version controlled infrastructure provisioning with HashiCorps Terraform Cloud.

Blog: Healthcare Goes Digital - For the Best Patient Care

Digital strategy links healthcare with efficiency and medical progress. Learn how this can benefit the healthcare sector.

More Topics

  • 2022_PM_Neue GF_FB_KF_OS_735x492

    To strengthen further continuous and positive development, Arvato Systems is now focusing on six key customer industries and at the same time strengthening its management with proven IT experts.

  • pexels-alex-knight-2599244

    We see Artificial intelligence as the next stage of Digital Transformation. Learn more about this in our blog article!

  • Online Reward Shop Hosting on AWS | MoreContinental Partner Program | Arvato Systems


    Arvato Systems uses Amazon Web Services to provide the modern cloud infrastructure basis for the MoreContinental Partner Program rewards store.

  • pexels-thisisengineering-3861969

    Cooperate more cheaply, quickly and securely through automation and the inclusion of multiple parties. This is what the blockchain promises and is thus driving decentralized business and service models.

  • Wie Sie Ihre IT-Infrastruktur optimal für einen Security-Vorfall vorbereiten

    Timo Schlüter from Arvato Systems has summarized six tips on how companies can prepare for a security incident and react correctly.

  • Arvato-Systems_Chones_Fotolia_Green-Bulbs_komprimiert

    ince January 1, the IT company Arvato Systems has been purchasing only green electricity from the local public utility company, which is generated from hydropower, to operate the data centers at its Gütersloh site.

  • ArvatoSystems_Consulting_Projektmanagement_shutterstock_417879787

    Create your own cloud-native container environment with Arvato Systems AWS Container Acceleration the quick and easy way.

  • BCP-2020DataWeek_253-Rhys-Noelke-bei-der-Data-Week-VERGR_Lupenbild1024

    Bertelsmann officially launched the Bertelsmann Collaboration Platform (BCP) at the beginning of the "Data Week," and hundreds of experts are already using beta access to the Bertelsmann Collaboration Platform.

  • Read our latest expert article on how companies can benefit from data while leveraging Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Smart Shift


    Your smart way into the cloud!

  • Managed Artificial Intelligence Services

    How to manage Artificial Intelligence that there are won't be unpleasant surprises. Read the article now.

  • Cloud Transformation


    Arvato Systems helps AirPlus to migrate its SAP systems to Azure in just 11 days.

  • Cloud_MigrationGuide

    Are you interested to learn how to migrate in a structured way into the Cloud? Download our Guide to learn more.

  • AI Needs Organization


    In the recent Luenedonk Magazin with the focus on AI Arvato Systems,' Martin Weitzel and Niels Pothmann are talking about how Artificial Intelligence becomes a success with the right measures. Read the interview here.

  • NLI-Cloud-Security-AdobeStock_145255314

    Managed Detection and Response: Your path to greater cyber security thanks to MDR services from an experienced CDC.

  • Arvato Systems' Home Office Ready Campaign

    Homeoffice Campaign

    Working IT everywhere - See how our team works from home!

  • Data, Hardware and Public Cloud

    Luenendonk_Article_Pothmann and Tamm_bild3

    Technical Requirements for the Application of Artificial Intelligence - an article by Niels Pothmann, Head of AI and Andreas Tamm, Lead Enterprise Architect at Arvato Systems.

  • 2021_ArvatoSystems_RemoteWork_Pexels_3178818.jpg

    At Arvato Systems we have been offering comprehensive solutions and services for decentralized and mobile working for many years.

  • platbricks® - Smart Logistics Unlimited

    KV_ArvatoSystems_logistics_warehouse_shutterstock_1162065253 (1)

    Wearables revolutionize logistics. platbricks® offers an extensive range of apps and functions to help you get started.

  • Wir bieten in unserem Frauennetzwerk von Arvato Systems Raum für Dialog, Innovation und Kooperation.

    Our women's network at Arvato Systems

  • Matthias Moeller about the Bertelsmann Collaboration Platform

    Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.35.03 AM (1)

    BENET Interview with Bertelsmann CIO Matthias Moeller - "We Want To Create Value"

  • Learn more about how many energy suppliers could benefit from AI applications.

  • hackathonwin

    Learn more about the new AI integration service bringing our team to the win.

  • Picture_Marcus_Metzner_Success with Artificial Intelligence

    AI is no longer just a trend topic but has long been usable - read how AI can successfully support companies.

  • ContractAI_Bild

    The Bertelsmann App for a quick review of legal documents. From domain knowledge to an automated Ai service - How to transform legal expert knowledge into an algorithm.

  • beAWSome_AWS-Community_Logo_1440px_Lupenbild1024 (1)

    The “AWS Business Group” of Arvato Systems has launched the expert community “beAWSome”. From now on, Amazon Web Services experts will be able to network through this community and engage in discussion. Bertelsmann employees (BGROUP members), reaching from beginners to professionals users, as well as interested colleagues, can access the community as well.

  • Jule Aßmann_Foto

    Learn more about our latest and very successful in-house collaboration between Gruner + Jahr and Arvato Systems.

  • It is essential to retrieve all information from the warehouse directly and smoothly in warehouse management. Self-learning chatbots make it possible.

  • 2019_Corporate_KI_Booklet_EN_Web_Overview

    Requirements, deployment scenarios and implementaiton paths for AI projects.

  • Learn more about how Machine Learning can optimize processes such as return management.

  • New technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, face recognition, and eye-tracking begin a new era in the retail industry. Learn more about what this means for retail.

  • Bjoern_735_492

    Here at Arvato Systems bots are not only developed, but they also do their work every day. Read more about software robots in everyday use.

  • Picture_SAP_on_Cloud

    Learn more about important factors to guarantee a successful cloud migration project in our latest White Paper.

  • IABM BaM Award & AI-Based Forecasting for Ad Placement

    BaM Awards Winners

    Arvato Systems has won the "IABM BaM Award" at this year's International Broadcast Convention. Learn more about the award and solutions behind it.

  • Process Mining – Process Optimization with the Help of Big Data and Cloud


    Process Mining technology is a real improvement for business operations. Learn more about how big data and cloud help with process optimization.

  • Microsoft ecosystem (1)

    ISG has awarded us for times as “Leader” – we take a closer look into the Managed Service Provider Category.

  • crimemap

    From a proof of concept (POC) to a real product. We are proud to announce that our Crime Map POC developed into a real product used to analyze and visualize crimes of one city in Germany.  

  • KI-Fashionerkennung

    The AI Competence Cluster of Arvato Systems recently implemented a new showcase that can detect and classify various pieces of clothing.

  • blockchain_update_Graphik (1)

    We are happy to inform you about the latest status of this proof of concept (POC). Arvato Systems worked closely together to create a track and trace blockchain solution, helping to bring more transparency into the production and supply chain of food.

  • Digital Leader Summit 2019

    Co-Creation as a Strategic Success Factor for the Digital Economy: Report from the Digital Leader Summit 2019

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_IDI_AI Shopping Wizard

    Arvato Systems is currently developing a digital shopping assistant that will help customers choose their clothes. The recommendations made by the digital assistant are based on the current outfit, the desired occasion, age, gender, and the personal preferences of the buyer.

  • In the Fast Lane with Marketing Automation


    The fact that "sales" is changing under the influence of digitization is not a new insight. To just send the sales force to a potential customer and hope that the arguments are convincing is usually not enough anymore. Often it is already a success when companies are even allowed to present their products on site. And the real challenge begins much earlier.

  • ArvatoSystems_Corporate_ISG Provider Lens_Microsfot

    Recently published study "ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystems Germany 2019" designates Arvato Systems as ‘Leader’ multiple times.

  • ArvatoSystems_Kunde_Schmitz-Cargobull_403x137

    Thanks to Arvato Systems, Schmitz Cargobull migrates its SAP systems to the Azure Cloud in record time.

  • A Passion for Digitalization - Interview in the IT Director with Matthias Moeller

    2019_ArvatoSystems_Corporate_Matthias Moeller

    Matthias Moeller, CEO of Arvato Systems, on the topics of successful digital strategies. cloud migrations, and current AI projects.

  • MA_Marcel_Muscat_USA

    Two weeks ago, Arvato Systems successfully finished a three-day workshop together with Microsoft and STARBOARD Cruise Services. The workshop focused on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help in optimizing business processes.

  • The German healthcare system is going digital. We are there too, supporting the IT infrastructure expansion needed to network doctors, patients, pharmacies and health insurers across Germany.

  • Speech-Enabled Commerce: Talking Replaces Typing


    More and more users use their voice to do their shopping. It's time to integrate speech recognition assistants into the online store.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Video Recognition

    How can AI analyze images or videos taken with smartphones and detect the displayed brand? Our new POC focuses on exactly that question.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_PAC_KIGraphic

    Data analysis is not an entirely new topic for companies, yet it is one of the most dynamic segments in the IT market. Learn more about how data analyses influences your business.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Alert Teams

    Traditional data centers and cloud offerings differ in many ways and therefore create a gap. We at Arvato Systems have used our cloud expertise and developed a connection to close the gap between on-premise and Microsoft Azure to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

  • Arvato Systems joins a Bertelsmann workshop as an expert of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in which colleagues from Penguin Random House, Fremantle, and BMG explored solutions for the use of innovation in their businesses.

  • ArvatoSystems_Corporate_Icon_User

    From early successes to real challenges - Jens Kretschmann discussed the current status and future capabilities of conversational bots in his latest blog post.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_ChicagoCrimes

    Our new POC helps newspapers and journalists to streamline manual processes when it comes to the analysis and reporting of crimes within a city. Our automated tool recognizes and then lists out crimes in real time onto a city map. Thus, users can instantly find certain crime hotspots in a particular area of the city, categorized by the origin of the crime.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_FKT_videoediting

    For broadcasters, production houses – as well as post-production in general - multi-site workflows that include remote editing are challenging. Unfortunately, cloud technology alone does not resolve these issues yet. We consider the technical innovations required to make cloud-based editing a daily reality for editors.

  • Our newly developed showcase features a Cognitive Bot Platform which makes an extensive set of chat and phone bots easy to create, to use and, most importantly, to maintain and that without a high level of IT expertise or even an expensive software development project.

  • ArvatoSystems_USAScreenshot_Dashboard

    Our joint POC with the G+J subsidiary Territory includes the development of an interactive and comprehensive dashboard which can monitor all marketing campaigns and activities within a single tool. Are you interested in learning how our marketing dashboard streamlines manual processes by automating data collection from various sources and individual campaigns in real-time?

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_network report

    In our latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused POC we concentrated on variations of prediction models as well as classification systems to create an autonomous prediction service with built-in anomaly detection. This innovative POC provides a smart and automated prediction service to the customers, which bring a variety of benefits for their business.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Lisa-DPK2018

    Arvato Smart Logistics Platform & Pepper L.I.S.A. at the #DPK18 - One of our digitization projects "Arvato’s Smart Logistics Platform" was selected as one of the 50 most innovative AI showcases in Germany. Thus, we were asked to present our project to all participating Microsoft partners and sellers during the "Experience World" exhibition and keynote.

  • Cloud Transformation


    Arvato Systems helps AirPlus to migrate its SAP systems to Azure in just 11 days.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Lightbulb

    There is no single answer to innovation strategy and management practices that lead to success for all innovation purposes. It greatly depends on the “Innovation DNA” of an organization to know what is right and what is wrong.

    Based on two key learnings, we would like to give you some insights into our own Innovation DNA and on how we are actively exploring digital innovations.

  • MA_Yvonne-Thomas_Medien

    Today's media industry survives on data. Enormous amounts of data in different formats from countless sources are edited, published and distributed on a daily basis. Although the data is collected and stored, no one is in a position to evaluate this flood of data and make it usable. But with AI – artificial intelligence – the collected big data instantly becomes feasible.

    Read the article by Yvonne Thomas, Product Manager at Arvato Systems.

  • MA_Marco_Koppik_Cloud

    Are you curious how a joint POC between a German retail corporation, Microsoft, Impinj as well as Bertelsmann and Arvato Systems enables the end user to track and gather more information about the food we buy in grocery stores by receiving insights into the entire supply chain?

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_ManuscriptInsights_Dashboard

    Arvato Systems is researching smart solutions for editorial work. Are you curious how the latest technologies and especially cognitive services can support the processes in publishing houses? Find out what kind of prototypes our expert team has built in a two-day hackathon.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Lightbulb

    In the age of digital transformation, companies have to face changes in technology and hence need to place a bet on the future. New ideas should be developed, tested and, if not successfully implemented, quickly discarded or adapted. The increasing rate of change belongs to our daily lives but who is responsible for keeping up with all of them and implement them into their company?

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Grafik_eSigning

    It just takes a few seconds to sign a contract or other agreement, but it can take days or even weeks before the signed document arrives at the recipient, causing unnecessary delays. Arvato Systems is taking another step in the digitization of processes by banking on electronic signatures, aiming to shorten this process.

  • Arvato_Systems_Digitale-Trends_Robotics_AdobeStock_157225065

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more popular, and for many companies which already have used the innovative technology to optimize their products, it is now indispensable. Not only does artificial intelligence affect new product variations but it can also simplify entire processes, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run. Arvato Systems created a POC for a jewelry company to show the advantages of AI.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_3d_VR+

    A visit to a storage facility that hasn’t been built yet? Arvato Systems makes it possible. With a VR headset a view of design and warehouse processes is already available in the planning stage

  • Content Management in the Cloud

    A Marketer desires that his campaign “goes viral.” But what happens to CMS systems when all the storytelling, video production, social media, and influencer marketing efforts really take off like a grenade? Find out in our latest blogpost how Content Management in the Cloud is the answer to success.

  • Over the last couple of years, few topics have stirred as much interest in the area of computing as Blockchain has. A new kind of technology that would at some point impact every business to some extent. We saw a potential in Blockchain early on, didn’t wait to figure out its possible impacts and created first proofs of concepts at once. Upcoming, Bertelsmann, Arvato Systems and further partners are going to explore together the possibilities of Blockchain in a more in-depth showcase.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Lightbulb

    Where there is a lot of light, there is plenty of savings potential. Intelligent energy data monitoring is a new and profitable way to save energy in the long term and that is what Arvato Systems’ Smart Energy Platform does. Optimized to real-time needs, smart IoT based lighting scenarios avoid constant light usage, increase the energy efficiency and create enormous saving potentials within the Bertelsmann Group.

  • ArvatoSystems_USA_Lisa-dmexco

    The world of business has been experiencing significant changes. Alongside ongoing digitalization, according to a Gartner study, robotics and artificial intelligence are the key strategic technology trends for companies. Reason enough then, for Arvato Systems to get involved with robotics and AI. Two visible signs of this are our in-house robots which have recently been attracting a great deal of attention.

  • With Serverless Architecture teams no longer need to worry about sizing, provisioning, securing or scaling infrastructure. Watch our on-demand Webinar to determine how a Serverless Architecture can help your business.

Innovative Partnerships, Agreements and Awards

Trending Topics

16 Times Gold and Silver Once

We have successfully re-profiled many of our competencies with Microsoft. Learn about the strengthened partnership.

Five Awards as Leader for Microsoft Ecosystems

The recently published study "ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystems Germany 2021" distinguishes Arvato Systems as a "Leader" in several areas

Award: Arvato Systems Recognized as a Leader Four Times

The analyst firm ISG awarded Arvato Systems "Leader" in all four evaluated segments. 

More Topics

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