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Closing digitalisation gaps in logistics - with platbricks

Closing Digitalization Gaps in Logistics - with platbricks®

Helmut Bünte GmbH

Customer Advantages
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Project Overview
About Helmut Bünte

Digital Transformation with the platbricks® Warehouse Management System

Platbricks im Einsatz bei der Helmut Bünte GmbH

Digitizing business processes end-to-end, avoiding either isolated solutions or increasing complexity, and then also keeping an eye on and complying with budget limits - all this is not so easy. Therefore, especially in logistics, there are still numerous digitalization gaps and many processes run on paper. A stationary computer at goods receipt, a lack of storage location management in production or paper-based picking and replenishment processes - these are just a few examples that hold great potential for improvement.


To this end, we have developed platbricks®, our cloud-based digitalization platform for logistics. platbricks® is a digital modular system with which both internal and cross-company logistics processes can be digitalized, orchestrated and also executed on the move using smart wearables. 

Customer Advantages

Lower error rate through paperless processes
Increased speed through real-time transparency
More efficient order management through flexible control options
Rapid integration of processes and service providers
Increased motivation through intuitive operation

Customer Quote

Platbricks im Einsatz bei der Helmut Bünte GmbH

We have digitalized our analog information flow in the warehouse through platbricks®. Swap pen and paper for tablet and scanner. Sounds unspectacular at first, but with such a powerful partner as Arvato Systems and such a versatile, adaptable but intra-logistically stringent solution as platbricks®, it opens up many possibilities for process optimization in the future.

Helmut Bünte GmbH

Project Overview

Initial Situation

Helmut Bünte GmbH used to operate paper-based and highly manual in the intralogistical area. Until now, the logistics processes of goods receipt, storage, replenishment, picking, packaging and loading were largely carried out on paper. The result: long processing times and a considerable amount of manual data entry in the individual work steps.

There was a lack of transparency about order status and stock, which was not available in real time. As a result, an enormously high manual effort had to be accepted in the area of order preparation and execution. The processing of clarification cases was time-consuming due to a lack of transparency and status reports. In addition, various technologies had to be used to address the shipping service providers.


As part of a digital transformation, Helmut Bünte GmbH would like to digitize manual work processes at sensible points and thereby increase transparency, performance and quality. The work processes are to be simplified by smart technologies, thus increasing flexibility and control options.


The platbricks® WMS maps the complete end-to-end process and supports with smart, mobile processes from goods receipt to goods issue. Via the control centre, system administrators can prioritise, control, manage and monitor orders in a targeted manner. Thus, they always have complete control over the warehouse processes.

Due to the operation in the Azure Cloud, access is possible at any time from any location. The shipping process is completely integrated in terms of processes and systems. For this purpose, shipcloud is used, which enables the flexible integration of various shipping service providers within a very short time. In addition, there is comprehensive communication with Microsoft Dynamics Navision based on SOAP web service technologies.

The implementation time from the first workshop to go-live was only four months and - due to the Corona pandemic - was largely supported remotely and virtually by Arvato Systems.

About Helmut Bünte

Helmut Bünte GmbH is an absolute, if not the absolute, expert in the trade with products for car trailers in Central Europe and Southern Scandinavia. The range includes 14,000 spare parts, components and accessories from around 550 brands. The quality promise is simple and clear: Helmut Bünte GmbH simplifies the work of its customers through individual and high-quality services, an excellent product selection and promises honest communication. In 2021, Helmut Bünte GmbH was once again selected as one of Germany's "TOP 100 Innovators".

> 14000
catalogued and stored articles
approx. 60000
packages per year
> 220000
order positions in the year
> 13000
regular business customers

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